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We support your success by simply:
Starting Where you are and moving forward

  • Tailored to your specific needs – we start with you in mind, by listening specifically to your desired outcome. Listening to understand and building a plan for you or your business is the starting place. We start with the end in mind and stay connected along the way.
  • Consistency, capability, and greater development for you and or your team is imperative, so we continuously provide out of the box solutions for in the box problems. We are focused on the execution of agreed upon plan and results oriented solutions.
  • Life and Greatness happens in the moment, so we go the extra mile by providing added value to you, your organization and participants each moment. We offer our clients World Class Service experience through facilitation sessions, workshops, training programs and consulting sessions. When time is of the essence, we can offer an intensive and or lunch and learn sessions that are normally 90 minutes long

Johnnie Lloyd and Associates provides development and training solutions that are specifically tailored to your organizations and individual growth and development desires. All the following classes are available to you. We have provided a few downloadable examples of our training as examples below:

1. Leadership Excellence – Development

  • Leadership Challenges for Women and Entrepreneurs
  • Women Challenges and Strengths in Leadership
  • Ethics and Character Building
  • Strategic Planning – Facilitation
  • The Power and Purpose of Building Influence in the organization
  • Perception VS Reality
  • Building and re-building your Brand
  • Professional and Personal Brand Awareness
  • 360 Degree Leaders
  • Critical Thinkers
  • Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles of Success

2. Coaching and Executive Coaching

  • Executive Coaching
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Building Mastermind Alliances
  • Strategic Planning – Facilitation
  • Perception VS Reality
  • Building and re-building your Brand
  • Professional and Personal Brand Awareness
  • Adversity and Defeat
  • Power and Purpose of Self- Discipline

3. Time and Money Management

  • Work-Life Intentional Imbalance
  • Business Enhancement Budgeting Time and Money
  • Controlled Attention
  • Power of Focus
  • Power and Purpose of Self- Discipline
  • Resources and Recovery
  • Think and Grow Rich

4. Communication that Connects

  • Purposeful and Meaningful Communication
  • Building and Keeping Trust
  • Getting beyond Conflict
  • Personal Initiative
  • Emotions and Self Control
  • What are you saying

5. Transformational Professional and Personal Development

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It is our earnest desire to provide you support – however please note:

Success and moving to the next level of greatness is available for every person-enterprise – executive. It is our earnest desire to provide you support – however please note:


We are interested in clients

  • Who are passionate about success
  • Who are open and honest with character and integrity
  • Who demand truthfulness and provides the same
  • Who want to unleash their next level of greatness, personally and professionally
  • Who desire results: willing to go through proven processes created with them in mind
  • Know a lot however desires to bring a team in that can bridge GAPS to take off limits
  • Interested in culture/community impact that goes beyond profit to purpose
  • Who are passionate and ready to invest their time, resources, and trust
  • As an organization we have impeccable level of confidentiality, honesty, integrity, truthfulness, dedication, and authenticity. We are loaded with programs that are content rich and have expertise in the profit, non-profit, corporate and federal, state, and local government. We don’t know it all BUT we strive daily to sharpen our skills so that we stay relevant, and on top in our field.
  • We honor your investment and trust in our TEAM and take pride in offering every client more service that they invest.


If you are ready and desire a team that will work tangent with you, who is innovative, result oriented, and have out of the box solutions.

Invest in yourself Start now.