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B. Vantull

Classic Lady, Kind & Sound advisor, visionary, joyful mentor, and a pleasure to be around are the thoughts that come to mind when I think of Ms Johnnie Lloyd.

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Ms Johnnie Lloyd during our 2019 Virginia Women’s veteran Summer summit planning earlier this year. I received a referral from a trusted colleague in the veteran advocacy community. When I meet her for the first time it felt as if we have known each other for years. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that she is eager to share. What she brings to the table is priceless. She’ll enhance your event because she presents the appropriate information to your audience with such ease. If your have not met her, you need to meet her;, if you haven’t spoke to her you need to have dinner with her; if you haven’t connected with her find her on LinkedIn & Facebook today.

B. Vantull
Program Manager
Virginia Women Veterans Program

Stephen Blackmon, MBA

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Johnnie Lloyd and working with J.B. Lloyd & Associates for more than a decade. She brings a great wealth of financial experience, wisdom and transparency to any situation. Her counsel is bankable. She is always integrous,and yet creative and strategic in her acumen and action. And I have counted her advice invaluable over the course of our working relationship. I could not imagine a more trustworthy or smart person to handle my finances and organizational planning.

Stephen Blackmon, MBA
CEO of Consuming Fire Incorporated

DeAnna R. Upshaw

JB Lloyd and Associates has truly made a difference in my life & business. We met with Johnnie as she gave us a strategic game plan to excel our goals. With her laser focus on our vision she used her skills to change the tragedy of our business. She exceeded our expectations for our company. We are forever grateful for the opportunity to acquire Johnnie skills and talents. Best investment of time & money.

DeAnna R. Upshaw
CEO Dimensional Leadership

Steven W. Banks

Johnnie Lloyd served successfully as our Chief Financial Officer for over a decade. During her tenure with our organization Johnnie established important administrative and financial infrastructure, which added the critical support to our organizational vision and goals. Under her leadership a number of essential community initiatives grew successfully and resulted in connections with invaluable professional business and corporate relationships vital to our non-profit work. Johnnie has made significant contributions to the increase of our financial profile, while demonstrating the ability to create and identify multiple streams of income thereby strengthening our overall financial standing. Johnnie consistently operates in excellence and distinguishes herself as an exemplary professional possessing administrative acumen, as well as the essential skill of multi-level collaboration coupled with a unique interpersonal intelligence.

Steven W. Banks
Spiritual Father, Author & Consultant

Waverly and Dr. Mickey Collins

We have known Elder Johnnie Lloyd for over 8 years. She is an excellent business consultant for both non-profit and for-profit entities. She is an honest, trustworthy and dedicated person who has demonstrated her gifts, talents and abilities in the areas of business and finances. Elder Johnnie has also assisted us personally for four years with establishing and maintaining our church financial records by providing accounting services and expert advice in donor management. We highly recommend Elder Johnnie Lloyd for individuals and companies seeking assistance in the areas of new business start-ups, strategic planning, or financial services. Elder Johnnie can provide knowledge and expertise to corporations, churches, and other types of non-profits to develop financial solutions that will yield the highest level of results by creating practices that meet industry standards with integrity. She will truly be a blessing and a resource for those who want to experience financial and business success.

Pastors Waverly and Dr. Mickey Collins
President and Vice President

Malachi House International
Malachi House Life Center Church

Pastor Henry Wells

Johnnie Lloyd is a professional! I’ve had the privilege of knowing her for over 10 years and for 4 of those years, she provided our church with direct financial accounting support. She supplied clear and objective oversight to our financial accounting operation ensuring we remained efficient and IRS compliant. She also served as a business advisor and team member for the acquisition and renovation of our previous church property. We were able to transition seamlessly with her support. Johnnie possesses impeccable character and integrity. She is not only professional and efficient at what she does but also personable. I felt like I was working with a close family member when I worked with her. No matter what your needs are small or great she will figure it out. She is a resourceful person and I’m sure she will be able to assist you as she has assisted us. I would recommend her as a financial advisor, business consultant, team member or representative for any business, church or ministry.

Henry T. Wells, Senior Pastor Kingdom Life Christian Church
Williamsburg, VA

Nina Simone Lee

I was at a ripe intersection in my life and was searching for someone with a proven record of financial training and coaching expertise. Johnnie Lloyd, LLC, the company and the person far exceeded my expectations. I received consistent, exceptional, and customized financial services. Without any doubt, I can say you are sure to receive the same level of integrity and excellence, relevant strategic tools, and superior end results.

Nina Simone Lee
Chief Executive Officer
Unity In Diversity, LLC

Lorenzo and Elizabeth Sellers

“Living our Dream”
“With great pleasure, I am writing to express our total satisfaction with the consulting work performed by Johnnie Lloyd, LLC on my first book “Unlocking Your Financial Harvest”. We have known her for over 20 years and know in our heart, that she is an awesome professional who works with her clients to design a financial program that is relevant to the individuals need. I was impressed with her knowledge in the many vehicles available to support our financial goals. Working with Johnnie Lloyd.LLC was a satisfying and engaging experience. What distinguishes Johnnielloyd.LLC from other consultants is her ability to relate immediately to your needs. She listens carefully, makes herself available and obtains visible results.
I am also equally impressed with the facilitation skills that I want others to know about Johnnielloyd.LLC. Johnnielloyd.LLC has proven to an exceptional training and development consultant and is worth getting to know.

Elizabeth L. Sellers (CEPF, CPFC)
Harvest Financial Management Solutions

Clarence Pointer

I’ve known Ms Lloyd for nearly 30 years and she’s proven to be one of the most positive people on the planet. She’s not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well full of love and compassion. Every conversation has been inspiring and encouraging. I must also add she’s always been education driven in her personal quest for knowledge.

“The Pencilman”
Clarence Pointer a nationally acclaimed pencil artist.

DeAnna R. Upshaw

Flexible, Intuitive, Responsive, Caring from our first coaching session together. Johnnie Lloyd helped me clarify my thoughts on life’s goals. I attribute a great deal of my success because of the coaching partnership with Johnnie. She has and currently consistent and persist in her strategic coaching style. With her gentleness she pushes me to dimensions I did not know existent. There were many of times I became frustrated because I thought the challenge was to difficult. However, Johnnie would always say “Everything is a Process, Trust the Process” and “ Where the Focus Goes the Power Flows.” These words have become my life’s motto. The art of a skilled coaching is to coach. She dives deep by asking targeted questions, listening on levels, hearing what is not being said, and touch the participant’s potential. Johnnie has and continues to do all of the above. Johnnie’s motivation to assist & support is just what I needed to achieve greatness and transform my life. I heartily recommend connecting with her to anyone wanting to achieve more.

-DeAnna R. Upshaw
CEO/Founder Dimensional Leadership
Executive Director w/ The John Maxwell Team