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Motivational and Inspirational Speaker
You are Fire When You are Focused ™

Leadership PMII = Power, Money, Influence, and Innovative Ideas that

Ready to enhance performance, ignite energy, and impact lives? Ready to connect with a speaker that has the innate ability to connect, ignite passion, unleash clarity for purpose, and builds up the organization and its people. Are you ready for highexecution interactive – speaker who conveys relationship connection, respect, releases information, and delivers next level practical – actionable steps that enhances performance and impacts lives?   Book Me Now

Johnnie’s passionate, funny, and authentic style is engaging. As a speaker and author, she provides actionable steps and practical insight to get across the idea and or concept presented. Her focus whenever she speaks is tailored to ignite your needs and always add value that normally aligns to the five major pillars for organizations; Purpose, People, Product, Process that impact your Profitability. Building your completely customized keynote is based on your organization being unique so Johnnie, asks a few critical questions to gain insight that impacts your organization, people, vision, and challenges.

Her goal is to always go the extra mile by adding value and support decision makers in accomplishing their goals and objectives. Motivation and Inspiration are powerful agents that drive and connect people, so Johnnie utilizes her skills right there while lifting the organization and its people to new levels of success. You see it is not about lifting just the people or the organization it’s about lifting the people who lift the organization. Your organization is only as good as your people and Johnnie comes in to ignite the limitless possibilities of focus, excitement, empowerment, for execution.   Book Me Now  Connect now to spark the flame through intentional targeted speeches to motivate, inspire, educate, inform, connect, and energize.


Motivational and Inspirational

Are you facing leadership, money, or organizational change?
Is your organization and or leadership STUCK?
Do you have great vision and need to move toward greater?
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Signature Keynote –You are Fire When You are Focused™
Focus determines decisions, decisions connect to time and money which links to actions, actions determine results, and results determine your level of success or failure in every aspect of business and life. The power and the determination of having a definite focus that is communicated in words and actions is limitless. Find out more…

Other topics that may also impact your organization and or participants:

  • Where your Focus Goes Your Power Flows
  • Power of Purpose and Process
  • Leadership Principles
  • Character, Integrity, and Trust
  • Success Right Now
  • Impact of Power, Money, and Influence
  • Transformation that goes Beyond Change
  • Servant Leadership
  • Kingdom Assignment
  • Inside Leadership PMII = Power, Money, Influence, and Innovative Ideas
  • Building Wealth
  • No Excuses – Just Results
  • Entrepreneurship – Straight No Chaser

Are you ready for high-impact next level leadership? Ready to actually capture the PMII benefits and become more aware of the responsibilities of every facet of leadership? Now is the time to transform and develop your people, process, and gain next level success?   Book Me Now  It starts with you and your executive team being willing and ready to drive results for your organization and themselves.

Johnnie is Ideal for:

  • Conferences
  • Panels
  • Break-out Sessions
  • Entrepreneurial Audience
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Corporations
  • Women’s Empowerment Events
  • Churches – Faith based organizations
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Leadership and High-Performance Teams

See why your audience (and meeting planners) will enjoy Johnnie

  1. Prior to event, she calls to understand the specific organizational needs, challenges and outcomes desired by the decision makers.
  2. Provides practical and actionable keynote by bringing her private sector, government, non-profit, and entrepreneurial wisdom to gain strength and build connectivity with audience.
  3. Utilizes proven success principles to motivate -ignite – empower – inspire.
  4. Delivers No Excuses – Just Results keynotes that can compel, motivate and inspire organizations and people to start right where they are, to use what they have, and do what they can now to move forward to greater.
  5. Positive Mental Attitude radiates in everything she does and is passed on which energizes audiences and organizations.

Structured keynotes and or break-out facilitation based on adding value to your organization and participants. Providing support and guidance based proven success principles. You and your organization are our guided focus. Now you must decide what your focus is.

Time is Now

You are Ready – Get Started

Motivate – Inspire – Ignite

Thank you in advance. It is always an honor to serve you.