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Enhanced Performance – Impact your Life

PMII = Power, Money, Influence and Innovative Ideas

Are you ready for high-impact next level leadership? Ready to actually capture PMII benefits and become more attuned to your people and process as it relates to every facet of your visionary leadership? Now is the time to transform and develop your people, process, and gain more progress? It starts with you and your team being even higher-performance leaders willing and ready to master results for your organization and themselves professionally. You and your organization are our guided focus. Now you must decide what your focus is Now is the time to improve the performance and execution levels of your team. As an executive it is imperative to have sounding board who may ask the tough questions to help guide you to the revelation of your best answer.

Coaching Outcomes:

  • Enhance your leadership and management capabilities
  • Determine the level, type and effectiveness of visionary leadership “Power – Purpose and Influence”
  • Assess Time – Money factor under the key areas of process, productivity, and profitability
  • Strengthen relationships and build greater trust and influence with internal and external stakeholders
  • Obtain snapshot of strengths, needs, challenges and provide roadmap for increased influential leadership
  • Increase ability to navigate complex relationships – empowered by being authentic
  • Analysis of assessments for leadership strengths, communication skills and flow
  • Review, Change, or Create Strategic Plan for organization – Holistic Approach
  • Be introduced, build confidence, and gain benefits of servant leadership

One of our major differences is we build your blueprint based on custom assessments and with your support provide guidance strategically with proven success principles from a practical strategic focus. Using five major pillars for organizations Purpose, People, Product, Process that impact your Profitability. We support decision makers that desire out of the box solutions that normally arise in every area of businesses. As the coach for you and your organization we will build on your strengths, identify any weaknesses, and provide practical steps from an impartial perspective. Our initial assessments are informative and identifies opportunities for improvement. We start where you are, using what you have, and identifying steps to do what you can as an executive and organization for greater success. No stone left unturned or innovative idea ignored—bringing creativity to make the best of resources in the process. Once we both agree to work together, the collaboration, innovative ideas, assessments, and ingenuity begins then we will provide blueprint. The blueprint will function as the roadmap towards greater levels of mastery. All reviews will be efficient and productive, since we value time and resources and normally address any low hanging fruit to quickly get to winwin as we move to other elements of the blueprint.

Our World Class Service Model is founded on these principles:

  • Staying focused on your Purpose, People, Product, Process and Profitability
  • Our goal is to exceed your expectations by adding value
  • Providing more service than our clients pay for by “Going the Extra Mile”
  • Building a blueprint that empowers, strengthens, and sustains your workforce
  • Consistency and have a Positive Mental Attitude
  • Provide Team members who are Critical Thinkers – who listens to understand
  • Respectful of your culture and your resources
  • Provide creativity and focus
  • Always be people of character – flanked with honesty and integrity
  • Dedicated to ensure (you) our valued client is completely satisfied

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