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Power of Transmuting Fear during COVID 19

Power of Transmuting Fear during COVID 19: You are Fire When Focused

COVID19 is real and has been characterized as an invisible enemy which is a relevant and understandable description. What we are seeing and hearing may cause many to think and or believe it is uncontrollable and or we are powerless against it, that is not the truth. The brightest minds in the world are working this as we stay focused and do our part. Collectively and individually regardless of age, social status etc. we can help isolate and grow from this disease when we become more selfless and follow Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidance. The picture above displays the impact and also the the power we have together for the solution, remember we are stronger together (with social physical distancing – right now).

These are some tips to consider from my world of transformational development:

  • Disclaimer: Seek help from health care and mental health professionals as required.
  • Transmuting the energy that is everywhere from fear into focused faith resulting in less stress and more hope.
  • Starting in our homes and community, build relationships with our children and each other that includes actually talking to each other and maybe even going back to playing board games.
  • Listen to understand, we all have a different world view and listening may cause growth and trust between each other.
  • Speak the truth, it is what it is however, that doesn’t mean we do not have hope, faith, innovative ideas, purpose, or a destiny.
  • Think of your goals and aspirations over the next 10 years and take some time to discuss your purpose, plan, and your why. Remember you matter, and you are more than enough.

Let me get back to the limitless power in the concept theory Napoleon Hill used when talking about sexual transmutation from a G-rating but A+ power, to be successful in your endeavor(s). This maybe very controversial however think of sex simply as an emotion with power that can be harnessed and used for more than physical passion but re-purposed and directed when focused for a definite chief aim. In this case to redirect negative energy and fears to provoke you to accomplish greater, profitability and productivity in your life and or business as appropriate.

Consider for a moment you would take the negativity and fear to move you closer to your purpose, that re-purposed or transmuted energy applied to your purpose will burn up excuses and impact even procrastination. Take that energy, desire, passion, and focus and strategically start to burn off the chatter, chaos etc to get to your desired results. Being in a place of focus and hope will help you and your family thrive and not just survive this “invisible enemy”. No it won’t fix everything around you, but it will move you from a place of hopelessness and fear to a place of hope and faith.

Finally, make a difference today and chose to follow CDC guidelines not because of you or fear but because of everyone around you. Again please, please keep others lifted up especially our first responders and health care professionals. Encourage someone knowing that our future is ahead “We are stronger together”. Remember the power of fear can be transmuted to faith and hope it is an emotional transformation that each of us must chose. My the God I serve protect, lead, guide and provide wisdom as He richly blesses each of us and every nation and people globally is my humble prayer. Amen.