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Dr. Patrice Berry

Dr. Patrice Berry

Psy.D., LCP

Therapeutic Day Treatment Director/Clinical Psychologist at Compass Counseling Services of Northern VA
Dr. Patrice Berry serves as Chief Operating Officer and consultant/coach with Johnnie Lloyd and Associates. Dr. Berry is a licensed clinical psychologist and provides outpatient therapy, psychological testing, and oversees a school-based program for middle and high school students through her primary role with another agency. She specializes in treating children, families, and adults with histories of trauma, adoption, depression, anxiety, and adjustment/life stage problems. Through her consultant/coach role with Johnnie Lloyd and Associates, Dr. Berry provides individual and group coaching/training sessions to support growth and positive change.

She is passionate about supporting children, families, and adults to break familial/generational patterns to bring holistic restoration and hopefully change outcomes for generations to come. She specializes in life-work balance, communication, team building, and addressing negative patterns that limit success. She capitalizes on her knowledge of human behavior by building cultural training, optimizing team performance, building organizational culture, and leading teams using her extensive experience in various research methodologies and understanding of organizational structure. Dr. Berry is an excellent communicator and trainer, with extraordinary wisdom, insight, focus, and tenacity. Dr. Berry is passionate about supporting individuals, families, organizations, and ministries reach their goals.

Patrice is our team member who specializes in critical thinking, problem solving, and relationships. She is an extraordinary speaker, trainer, motivational teacher, and work-life-balance coach-analyst. She has the education, expertise-tools to support you and your organization at every level as you face life’s most difficult challenges that come with transformation, expansion, change, and transition.
Clinical Psychologist State of Virginia
B.S., PSYCHOLOGY, Virginia Tech
M.A., Clinical Psychology, Regent University
Psy. D., Clinical Psychology, Regent University

Various Conference Presentations

  • Turner, P., Johnson, J., & Biron, D. (April 2009). Impact of PATTS Group Intervention on Forgiveness in Children. Paper presented at semi-annual meeting of Virginia Psychological Association, Williamsburg, VA.
  • Ripley, J., Ackison, C., Quigley, C., Turner, P., & Miller, L. (March 2007). Hope Focused Marriage Counseling: Case Studies Introductory & Intermediate Clinical Demonstration. Presented at the Christian Association for Psychological Studies National Conference, King of Prussia, PA.
  • Johnson, J., Biron, D., Butzen, N., Turner, P. Personality and Forgiveness. (March 2007). Paper presented at the Christian Association for Psychological Studies National Conference, King of Prussia, PA.


  • Berry, P. & Lloyd, J. Coming soon book release 2018
  • Turner, P. & Ripley, J. (2006). Applying Hope-Focused Marriage Therapy to Conflict Resolution in Marriage: Case Study. Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 26, 65-67
  • Turner, P. (2009). Impact of PATTS Group Intervention on Forgiveness in Children. Doctoral Dissertation, Regent University (Submitted to Dissertation Abstracts International for publication)

Areas of Conference Speaking Expertise for JB Lloyd and their associates are in the following areas:

Conference Speaker – Specialized Training Topics

Conference speaker for development, leadership, personal achievements for profit, and non-profit conferences globally:
Team with over 50 years of teaching and training experience:

  • Sip and See Vision Events
  • Ethics Training
  • Transformational Development
  • Forgiveness
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Diversity of Wealth
  • Problem Solving
  • Faith vs Fear
  • Work-life-family balance
  • Critical Thinking
  • Self- Awareness
  • Self-Discipline
  • Power of Habits
  • Accurate Thinking
  • Budgeting Time and Money
  • Strategic Management
  • Strategic Planning (1-3day sessions)
  • Financial Acumen
  • Effective Leadership
  • Process development
  • Character Building
  • Forgiveness
  • Case Management
  • How to promote: emotional, physical, and psychological well being
  • Teens and children training
  • Spiritual Development
  • Specializes in Children and Adolescents