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Executive Coaching services

Executive Coaching

PMII = Power, Money, Influence and Innovation

Are you ready for high-impact next level leadership? Ready to actually capture the PMII benefits and responsibilities of every facet of leadership to transform and develop your people, process, and process? It starts with you and your executive team based on being high-performance potential leaders willing and ready to drive results for their organization and profession. We are difference since and build assessment with proven success principles from a practical strategic focus.

Executive Coaching Outcomes:

  • Determine the level, type and effectiveness of leadership “Power and Influence”
  • Assess the Time Money factor under the key areas of process, productivity, and profitability
  • Strengthen relationships with internal and external stakeholders
    Obtain snapshot of strengths, needs, challenges and provide roadmap for increased influential leadership
  • Increase ability to navigate complex relationships – empowered by being authentic self
  • Analysis of assessments for strengths, communication skills and flow
  • Review, Change, or Create Strategic Plan for organization – Holistic Approach

Our initial assessments are informative and identifies a number of opportunities for improvement. We start where you are, using what you have, and identifying steps to do what you can as an executive and organization for greater success. No stone left unturned or innovative idea ignored—bringing creativity to make the best of resources in the process. Once we both agree to work together, the collaboration, innovation, ingenuity begins, we will provide a blueprint. The blueprint will function as your roadmap towards greater level of mastery of your leadership skill crossing over into more influential leadership. All reviews will be efficient and productive we value time and resources and normally address any low hanging fruit to quickly get to win-win as we move to other elements.